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Goldman has always been the biggest bonus payer simply because its people make more money per person Louboutin Scarpe Outlet than anyone else, Ralph Silva from Tower Group told BBC News. The problem here is fundamental, it is a very complex business. There are very few people in the world who have the ability to do this job so the reason they get paid so much is there is just not enough of them. Trading boostAlthough the world continues to face serious economic challenges, we are seeing improving conditions and evidence of stabilisation, even growth, across a number of Christian Louboutin Scarpe sectors, said chairman and chief executive Lloyd C Blankfein.The bank paid back the emergency loan it had received from the government in July this year. It has come through the financial crisis relatively well, having been less exposed to the mortgage-related debt that crippled many of its peers. Its currency, commodity and bond trading fared particularly well in the third quarter. But revenue from its mergers and acquisitions operations fell sharply from the previous quarter, reflecting the continuing lack of activity. The was reflected in Christian Louboutin Italia Goldman's overall profit figure, which at $3.19bn, was lower than the $3.44bn that Goldman made in the previous three months. 'Challenging' environmentThe two sets of results followed figures from JP Morgan Chase on Wednesday, which were dramatically better than had been expected. The second-biggest US bank made a net income of $3.6bn, compared with $527m in the same period of 2008. Bank of America is due to report its results on Friday while Morgan Stanley results will be out on Wednesday 21 October. Citigroup reported another $8bn in credit losses for the three-month period and the bank's boss warned conditions would remain difficult. While consumer credit trends are improving in international markets, the US consumer credit environment remains challenging, said chief executive Vikram Pandit.
The number of US bank failures this year has topped more than 100 after US federal regulators shut down a trio of small Florida banks.100The
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